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Vital c events and awards

Awards and trip to Honkong



Vital C possesses a highly competitive management team, the company has the best of the best people in this business, and the chairman of the board himself, Mr. Richard King, is one of the best in business. Thus, Vital C consists of extremely professional people in the circle.

mr richard King


Everything started with the raising of our sails and with the pulling of the anchor. We have established ourselves and prepared for our voyage by having three depots: Ortigas, Cebu, and Davao, by having two product centers in Naga and Cotobato, by having our IMFs, and by having you, our beloved distributors.

Today, our company keeps on growing and we keep on innovating to coup up with the demands of our growing number of consumers.

After we have prepared to board, we have studied the winds and thought of the direction that we are going to face. We did it by strengthening our marketing plan. We have the best marketing plan in the business, where in everyone enjoys an equal share to the gain of the company. We have three powerful programs working simultaneously: the starter pack, value pack, and repeat sale.

Then we sailed, though the course is not smooth, we still managed to overcome the inevitable struggles of the business. “WE” made through it with grace under pressure. Everyone worked hard, and everyone, now, enjoys the fruits of their labor. I am proud to tell you that in just a span of eight months, since the International Group Points System Marketing (IGPSM) was first introduced, there are already thirteen members of the prestigious Millionaires Club. And just like in the Sky Ride, their names were engraved in the Hall of Fame.

We have conquered seven thousand, one hundred islands, and other countries as well. We do have distributors in other countries like Hong Kong, Dubai, and Singapore, and that is something for us to celebrate about.

Conquering is now successful, and it is about time to make our next step, to give a bang to our colonies, we are to make a mark in every person that Vital C is one of the best natural supplements ever developed.

And starting next year, I formally declare, Vital C, as one of the strongest advocates of nature. We will help save earth by going biodegradable. We will now be using a non-plastic starter pack bag.

With all of this, may we continue to conquer more people by promoting good health and wellness as we share our product.

Your success is Vital C’s success, and Vital C’s success is our success “dahil iisang bangka tayo.”

Friday, October 24, 2008

Why People Love Vital C's Vitamin C Sodium Ascorbate

Tooth saved from Root Canal
2/12/2008 12:00:00 PM Bolanos

I encountered a 16 year-old patient who had symptoms of tenderness to percussion on a lower 2nd molar indicating root canal tx of tooth extraction.To save the 2nd molar, i poured the Vital C powder directly on the tooth prepared and placed a temporary filling for further observation. After one week, the patient rendered a negative response to percussion and pain is absent so i made a permanent filling as final restoration.

Dr. Ellen Bolanos
Dental Consultant

Physical Improvement

2/15/2008 12:00:00 AM Fernandez

I am Rey Fernandez from Valenzuela, Bulacan 58 years old. My eczema dried up after taking Vital C for 2 weeks, 3 capsules, 3 times daily. I felt stronger, I don't easily get tired washing cars, body aches and pains are gone. My blood sugar level went down to 171 from 259. My blurry eyesight got clearer. Only 1 box was all I need

"I will continue to take Vital C!"

Dr. Rey Fernandez
President - Valenzuela City Home Owners and Neighborhood Association
Car Wash Owner

Toe to be amputated saved by Vitamin C Sodium Ascorbate

2/4/2008 12:00:00 AM Basilio

59 years old, Diabetic, my sugar is from 300-500. I experienced numbness in my feet period thats why one morning when I accidentally stepped on a hot water heating device i did not noticed it. I just wore my sandals and i had blisters in my foot and it punctured. It developed into an open wound. It takes a long time for my wound to heal since I am diabetic, I suffered much not able to walk. I was advised that my toes will be amputated by my doctor at Asian Hospital if my wound will not heal right away. I met a distributor from Vital C and I took her advise to take Vital C Sodium Ascorbate 6 capsules 3x daily. I also opened a capsule and used its powder from and mixed with water to wash my wound and put Vital C powder directly into the open wound. It was only about 2 weeks my wound dried up. My sugar level went down to 105. I was able to save a lot of money, but more importantly it saved my toes. I stopped all other costly herbal medications. My health and well-being improved.

"I am now a regular user of Vital C."

Capt. Basilio H. Manalo
Satisfied User

Vital c

Sponsor Name Virgilio Vallecera
Sponsor Id No 6500004859

For more information about Vital-C please contact
Virgilio J. Vallecera
Yahoo! Messenger: ver2calls
Tel. No.: (6332) 259-9779 / (6332) 254-8618
Cel. No.: 09264902065 Ground floor The Ultima Residences Fuente
Fuente Osmeña Blvd., Cebu City ,Philippines
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We would like to inform you that as of May 15, 2008 the IGPSM System is already capable of handling commission releases through BDO CASH CARDS and so we have taken the initiative to set the guidelines to be followed in implementing commissions through cash cards. The following guidelines are to be followed:

(1) BDO CASH CARD Holders should activate (through ATM machines) their cash cards to be able to receive commissions.
(2) Upon activation distributors are then required to ENCODE their CASH CARD NUMBER to their account (IPTC). The system will then check if the cash card number matches that assigned to the distributor. This process can only be done once per account.
(3) Distributors are required to update their accounts for the type of commission release which can be CHECKS or CASH CARDS. This option is available on the IGPSM EARNINGS SECTION of the WEBSITE. Distributors are only allowed to update this option from Tuesday to Friday.
(4) NET COMMISSIONS below Php 5,000.00 are automatically released by cash cards (if available) regardless of the choice set by the distributor.
(5) NET COMMISSIONS amounting Php 5,000.00 and above are released depending on the option chosen by the distributor.
(6) CORPO ACCOUNTS are automatically released as checks unless otherwise specified by the accounting department.


Thank You and MORE POWER!!!

Interested to join just contact

Sponsor Name Virgilio Vallecera
Sponsor Id No 6500004859

For more information about Vital-C please contact
Virgilio J. Vallecera
Yahoo! Messenger: ver2calls
Tel. No.: (6332) 259-9779 / (6332) 254-8618
Cel. No.: 09264902065 Ground floor The Ultima Residences
Fuente Fuente Osmeña Blvd., Cebu City ,Philippines

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